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DBLL Softball Divisions

Player safety and enjoyment are priorities for Daniel Boone Little League. The information on each division is provided to assist parents in understanding placement in a particular division and its associated expectations.

Use these links to jump to a section. Rule sheets are included in division sections.

Teams for the Fall 2020 seasons will be formed in early September, and games and games will be played September 14 - October 16. For more answers to commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.



The Minor Division includes players ages 7-11. The Minors Division will be divided internally into 3 separate “leagues": Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch and Player Pitch. Please note that the players will be put into these divisions based on ability, not necessarily age. Players may play in any “league” within the Minors Division, but in most cases, 7-year-olds will play coach pitch, 8-year-olds and possibly some 9-year-olds will play machine pitch and 9- and 10-year-olds will play player pitch.

Coach Pitch

Who is it for? Coach Pitch is an instructional division, one level above Tee Ball. Some players are new to the game, although many have played Tee Ball. These players are learning the fundamentals. As with Tee Ball division, every player bats each inning, and all players will play in the field.

How is the game played? Coaches pitch to their players and are allowed in the field during the game to assist players in their defensive assignments. By local option, a player who is league-age 6 (see age chart at bottom of the page) for the current season and has played a year in Tee Ball may be "moved up" to Coach Pitch. This division uses an 11-inch, RIF 1 level softball. Double innings will be played to conserve the time. An inning consists of 3 outs or a team reaching the per inning scoring limit. After 3 outs or the run limit, the team at bat will clear all runners off the bases and a second inning will begin. The defensive team is free to move players to different positions. The only exception to that rule is that the catcher must remain at catcher (this will save the time of taking the gear off and someone else putting it on). The batter shall receive 5 pitches or 3 strikes. Only swings and misses or foul balls count as strikes. If the 5th pitch results in a foul ball, there will be additional pitches until there is no contact. If after the 5th pitch the batter has not struck out or put the ball in play, they will be awarded 1st base.

What are the rules? Coach Pitch Rules

Price: $95

Minors Machine Pitch

These are more established players who are more ready to learn defensive skills, and games are like regular softball games: line-ups will be established, and teams will play 10 players on defense. The pitching machine will be fed by an adult or an umpire, and the position of pitcher will be fielded by a player. Teams will bat all players in the line-up but will switch after 3 outs. The “Field” umpire will make the out and safe calls on the bases. Batters will be allowed 3 swings or 5 good pitches before being called out. This division uses an 11-inch softball. Players may only take one extra base on overthrows.

What are the rules? Machine Pitch Rules

Price: $105


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